The Voices of Time

30th Fri. August - 8th Sun. September, 2019. / Kizunaya Building

94-1 Yanaginobanba Sanjo-agaru, Aburayacho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Japan

Open hours : 11:00 - 19:00

「The Voices of Time」

Artists: Takashi Kunitani, Saori Miyake

Exhibition Title: The Voices of Time

Date: 30 August (Fri) - 8 September (Sun), 2019

Open hours : 11:00 - 19:00

Opening Reception: August 30, 18:00 - 20:00

Venue: Kizunaya Building

Address: 94-1 Yanaginobanba Sanjo-agaru, Aburayacho

Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Japan

Sponsor : Kyoto Kizunaya



This exhibition questions "words" and "image" in the scale of “time”. "Words" and "image" can be targeted, shared

and deployed, whether in a cultural and historical context or even on a personal level. Although they are generated by

humans, they are not the products of perception or recognition, but rather the elements that make up the human spirit

or the memories that incorporate the spirit itself. The exhibition title 'The Voices of Time’ was taken from an early

short story by J. G Ballard. Today, the materialisation of human beings accelerates due to the overwhelming process

of information networks through "words" and “ image". The world of Ballad’s novels is becoming more realistic in our

own inner world. As if we were characters in a novel, ourselves following the influence of the precipitated memory

located in time.

Kunitani believes that the human body always stays in the real space, and at the same time it captures the

environment by making the space its own. In this sense, Kunitani’s sculpture works become a part of the viewer’s

body, and they function as devices that expand our thoughts from the level of perception and logic to our inner realm.

In this exhibition, Kunitani’s ongoing series of works using neon lights will be presented. This series of works selects

seemingly unrelated words from a particular context and treats them as information that can be connected to various

things. And by putting them face down on a pedestal, they are created in the form of a physical light that shows and

also nullifies their meanings.

Miyake uses existing images as a starting point in creating photograms that crossbreed the process of creating

images of paintings and photographs. Even in this age of vast amounts of images, Miyake places emphasis on the

purpose of looking at images at a time when we are flooded with them in all kinds of media. This reflects her desire

as an artist to find some kind of relief in the interpretation of the “pictorial image” rather than in the photograph itself.

In this exhibition, photographs taken at Potsdam are a stating point which shows the reflection of personal memories

between the Berlin Olympics and the defeat in the war, changing the perspective of individuals and history. A

particular work, “ Garden (Potsdam9)” created by following the footsteps who documented in Potsdam will be

exhibited using CRT television.

Through works using neon lights and CRT televisions, "words" and "image" will be presented as a kind of physical

experience that occurs in time. This exhibition is an attempt to capture how deep sensitivity and the imagination of

individuals in the field of art is possible today, where everything is preempted by information.

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