The distance of space and myself

Human beings and space have the relation which involved intricately deeply.

When considering existence of space, probably, it will be difficult to exclude our body. It is because we capture our environment by feeling space in our body and we have a body physically in space all the time. I think that we understand and integrate space by thoughts when my piece works on the sense of our body. My work is not only regarded as a mere matter, but also it becomes a part of viewer’s body as a situation. Then it is neither logic nor a level of recognition, but it expands our thoughts toward our internal domain.

I think that my work be able to achieve a function like the installation which creates new meaning and view of the world in audience’s notion with my piece. It may be too uncertain, since the occurrence which happens into their consciousness through the body. And objectivity is missing when an audience stands at the site with my work because this experience is very independent. However, I consider that "the body is here now" can realize strongly by sense of such a place.

In the relation of human being and space, I am intrigued to ask the world that surrounded us and the state of matter. Furthermore, it is also interesting how people confront them. There are people's viewpoint and movement by arrangement of the position in which people are presence, the body, space, time, light, and objects. These are related to audience's own positions on the basis of their body. What is shown by the sense of a site relates to our existence and these are connected to audience's own positions of their body. Then the meaning of the work is actualized by an audience's experience and completed by an audience's participation itself.

Your existence and my existence make perfection of my work and demonstrate your presence and my presence.

Takashi Kunitani

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